MP35N is a nonmagnetic, nickel cobalt alloy posessing a combination of high tensile strength, great corrosion resistance and toughness. It carries an very good tensile strength and maintains acceptable ductility. MP35N ability to abide force-corrosion and fissure corrosion makes it a solid choice for jobs and applications like fasteners, oil equipment, and engines.


MP35N has a limit of 750°F capacity. As well as great corrosion resistance, chloride resistance, acidic material, and hydrogen component resistance.


MP35N is available in three different conditions which are NACE, AMS 5844, and AMS 5845. For AMS 5844 equipments, MP35N will be hardened at ~1100°F. This material is vulnerable to climates with extreme heat temperatures above its recommended heat treatment. For equipment that requires NACE MR0175, MP35N with excellent sulfide stress cracking resistance, and jobs that do not require cryogenic environments, the material will be heat treated at ~1350°F.

Physical Properties:

Tensile Yield Enlongation Reduction
of Area
NACE 190KSI 180KSI 10% 40% 51HRC
AMS 5845 260KSI 230KSI 8% 35% 38HRC


  • Racing Engines
  • Biomedical Devices
  • Petrochemical equipment
  • Marine Equipment
  • Dental Products
  • Aerospace


  • Stress-Corrosion Resistant
  • Array of Forms
  • Ultra-High Strength